Missile Shrapnel Hits Cruise Ship Off Israeli Coast

Shrapnel from rockets landed on the deck of a German cruise ship as it left the Israeli port of Ashdod. The 2,000-plus passenger ship AIDAdiva was leaving the Israeli Mediterranean port at around 8:30pm yesterday when sirens began to sound, warning Israeli cities of attacks.

 Explosions in Ashdod could be seen from the ship.

“No one was injured and there was no damage to the ship,” said Hansjörg Kunze, Vice President of communication and sustainability. “All 2,700 guests and crew members are doing well, however, small particles that may come from defence missiles, as experts have estimated, were found on the open deck. They do not constitute a danger and were secured immediately by the crew.”

The ship was not a target, but it raises the question of safety in the eastern Mediterranean, as Israel and Palestine step up their long-running conflict.

“The current security situation in Israel was and will be continuously observed and evaluated. Based on these analyses we decide, regarding each individual cruise, which measures are to be taken if necessary,” said Kunze.

Italian line MSC Cruises has no scheduled calls at Israeli ports until September but said it will monitor the situation closely.

Story courtesy of The Telegraph UK, for the full article click here.

 July 8

 exactAIS® tracking of the AIDAdiva cruise ship as it leaves the Israeli Mediterranean port.



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