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exactEarth now offering a 3-Year Archive of Global Ship Movements for Research
Academic Organizations

As a leading player in Maritime related research you will be acutely aware of the importance of understanding the impact of shipping on the marine environment. Whether you are studying environmental protection issues, wishing to analyse the movement of goods and people across the international oceans, or examining ways to improve methods of ensuring safety at sea, a comprehensive understanding of the world's shipping is a vitally important component of all maritime related research and study.

Here at exactEarth, we're keen to help you with this.

exactEarth has been collecting AIS maritime data from our constellation of satellites dating back to 2008 and have been in continuous operational service since July 5, 2010. As a result we now have a global archive of the 3 year movements of over 120,000 commercial vessels containing over 400 million Satellite AIS messages and providing over 3 00 million individual ship locations. This figure is growing daily as we monitor over 100,000 commercial ships daily worldwide.

The exactAIS Archive™ represents the most complete record of vessel movements on a global scale available today.

Please contact us and join with the other institutions already taking advantage of our exactAIS Archive, including:The Finnish Meteorological Institute, Dalhousie University, Kyoto University and more!

Contact us at info@exactearth.com to learn more about the many package options and deals available to research and academic institutions or visit our websites at www.exactearth.com , www.shipmaps.com and gallery.exactearth.com for more information.

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