Norwegian Ship Joins the Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

Australia is investigating two objects seen on satellite images that could potentially be linked to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, officials say.

Authorities said the largest object appeared to be 24m in size but warned it could be unrelated to the plane. The sighting is described as a “credible lead”.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8th when it lost contact with air traffic controllers. Twenty-six nations have been involved in a major search for the missing plane.

Investigators have been looking into the backgrounds of both the crew and the passengers, but have not identified any evidence of terror or other potentially relevant links.

A Norwegian merchant ship, Hoegh St. Petersburg, has joined planes from Australia, New Zealand and the US searching the area 2500km from Perth.

An Australian naval vessel, HMAS Success, is on its way to help with the search and Britain has also deployed coastal survey ship, HMS Echo, to aid in the search.

Story courtesy of BBC News, for the full article click here.

exactAIS tracking of the Norwegian ship, Hoegh St.Petersburg, investigating the area for debris. This Satellite AIS tracking is being aided by SpaceQuest.

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