New Search Area for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The search for the lost Malaysian jetliner moved 1100km to the northeast on Friday, as Australian officials said a new analysis of radar data suggests the plane had flown faster and therefore ran out of fuel more quickly than previously estimated.

One of nine planes searching the new area Friday found objects, though the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said it would likely be Saturday before one of the six ships on the way could follow up and determine whether the objects were plane wreckage. The new area is closer to land and has calmer weather than the previous search area, which will make searching easier.

AMSA said the change in areas came from new information based on continuing analysis of the radar data received soon after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 lost communications and veered from its scheduled path March 8.

Planes and ships had spent a week searching about 2500km southwest of Perth, Australia, now they are searching about 1850km west of the city.

Objects in the new search area were seen from a New Zealand air force plane, AMSA added that the find needs to be confirmed by ship.

John Young, manager of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority emergency response division, indicated that the hundreds of floating objects detected over the last week by satellites, previously considered possible wreckage, weren’t from the plane after all.

The new search area is about 80 per cent smaller than the old one, but still large at about 319,000 square kilometres. This area has better weather conditions, and is closer to mainland Australia, making it easier to reach.

Australia’s HMAS Success, leading the seaborne search, is expected to arrive in the area Saturday and several more Chinese ships are on their way.

Story courtesy of CBC News, for the full article click here.

exactAIS® tracking of Australian Warship, HMAS Success, and Chinese Icebreaker, Xue Long, heading to new search area closer to mainland.

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