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Somali Pirates Hijack Chemical Tanker- Liquid Velvet

A Greek owned chemical tanker, Liquid Velvet, was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden on Monday,October 31st. The vessel is now being routed to the Somali coast according to a regional maritime expert. The vessel was en route to India from the Suez.

As monsoon season ends, the seas off the Horn of Africa are expected to flatten allowing for more pirate attacks to take place in this notoriously dangerous area.

Announcing the New exactEarth YouTube Channel

Announcing the New exactEarth YouTube Channel

exactEarth has created a home for our latest and greatest movies right on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to the new exactEarth YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of our future data demonstrations!

exactAIS Tracking of the MV Rena

On October 5, 2011, the MV Rena ran aground off the Astrolabe Reef in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty. The 47,000 tonne container ship was carrying 1,700 tonnes of oil, of which 350 tonnes leaked out in the first week. The Liberian container vessel has now caused a slick that has spread over 5km. Authorities have deemed this incident the worst environmental disaster in New Zealand’s history as the vessel continues to break apart, spilling heavy fuel oil and containers into the sea causing massive pollution to the marine environment. Oil clean-up efforts are ongoing as salvors and volunteers work to contain the effects of the spill.

The grounding of the MV Rena has raised awareness to the possible threats to maritime safety and security posed by unsafe shipping. The incident has already devastated the community of one of New Zealand’s leading seaside resorts and the economic impact will run into the millions of dollars to clean up the coastlines.

exactAIS Tracks Class B Transmissions during Global Yacht Race

Cambridge, ON- October 26, 2011exactAIS has now proven its ability to pick up Class B signals as well. exactAIS® data was recently used in tracking yachts participating in the Global Ocean Race sponsored by the International Sailing Federation. After seeing the benefits of exactAIS tracking, the race organizers are considering making it a requirement for boats to keep their AIS on while transiting the Southern Ocean on its race course.

exactEarth delivers its 3 billionth vessel location message in 2011

Cambridge, ON- October 14, 2011exactEarth announced today that it has surpassed the 3 billion mark for maritime vessel location messages delivered to its customers to date in 2011.

With a growing, advanced high performance satellite constellation coupled with a dedicated data processing center in Toronto, Canada, exactEarth is delivering an unprecedented operational capability of Satellite Automatic Identification System (S-AIS) for maritime vessel monitoring.

In continuous operation since 2009, delivering the highest quality data and system performance to Maritime Agencies across 5 continents, exactEarth continues to prove its ability to deliver operational maritime vessel information from space.

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